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About Me

I’m Dr. Marni Bessler and I’m a neuro-developmental optometrist who graduated with honors from New England College of Optometry in 2001. Since graduation I have worked in all facets of optometry from nursing homes to health clinics to private practice. Through experience, and many hours of post graduate education, I have come to appreciate an understanding of vision that goes beyond what was taught in school. But the foundations for this understanding actually date back over 100 years. My passion is to use this understanding to help people of all ages who are struggling- from people with minor struggles to those who were told there is no hope. I believe that everything we do is related to how we perceive the world. I also believe we can be trained to perceive things more efficiently. Please call or email today to set up an appointment or free phone consultation. I hope to meet you soon!


I have flexible hours, with early morning and late evening appointments. I'm also available for emergencies and home visits. The best way to schedule is to call or email me and we will find a time that works best for you.

Transparent Pricing

Visual Perceptual Exam                                      $400

Vision Therapy Session                                       $135  (discounts available for multiple sessions)

Optometric Phototherapy Session                     $50    (discounts available for multiple sessions)

Comprehensive Eye Exam                                   $150                               

Soft Contact Lens Exam                                      $175  

Hard or Specialty Contact Lens Exams             $250-$350

Check an Online Glasses Order                          $50 

Ocular Emergency including one Follow Up     $100-$300

House Call                                                             $300-$600

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